The most common fear among Massachusetts residents is failure, or Atychiphobia.

That's according to the's annual report, Your State's Most-Searched Phobia.

SEE THE MAP BELOW: The Most-Searched Phobia in Each State

To find the most-searched phobia in each state, analyzed the top fifteen terms from their 2019 report and added three additional new queries that begin with the phrase “fear of.” 

[box] "People in Massachusetts fear failure the most of anything, yet the state boasts the highest percentage of college graduates in the country. (Talk about incentive to succeed.)" - from Your State's Most-Searched Phobia[/box]

Somewhat unsurprisingly, this year, anthropophobia -- the fear of people -- was the most-searched phobia [22% of all phobia search volume]. Anthropophobia was searched five times more than last year and it was searched the most in mid-April.

Last year, fear of holesor trypophobiahad the highest search volume.

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