The University of Massachusetts Board of Trustees have approved construction of a new, nine-story, 350,000 square foot, biomedical research and education facility at the UMass Medical School in Worcester.

The facility will support laboratory research growth and accelerate research into new therapeutics for highly challenging diseases that humans face.

The building will include space for 77 principal investigators along with animal medicine and an FDA-compliant manufacturing facility for clinical trial therapeutics. 

Initial plans call for the co-location of the Horae Gene Therapy Center, the Departments of Neurology and Neurobiology, the Program in Molecular Medicine and the new Program in Human Genetics & Evolutionary Biology.

Campus facilities will also be expanded into the new building.

The building will be between the Lazare Research Building and the Albert Sherman Center, between Plantation St. and First Rd.

A portion of the West Garage, which has its entrance on First Rd., will be removed.

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